Co-operator Newsletter Issue: October 2018

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Co-op Champion Series:
Mr Leow Ching Chuan - To The Seafarers, SeaCare Co-operative is Family

Mr Leow Ching Chuan
“To be a successful co-operative leader, one must be committed, have good attitude and good interpersonal skills. Co-operatives is about people, hence people skills are important.”
How did a group of trade unionists turned not only the Union around but went on to “build up a viable and vibrant organisation of corporate enterprise under a co-operative masthead”, as its vision says?
Faces of Co-operators: Life is a journey, not a destination

Faces of Co-operators: Life is a journey, not a destination

Find out why Saffiahtol from NTUC Health Co-operative chose to join the Social Service Sector and how she made an impact to people's lives!

AUPE Touching Lives Story

Touching Lives: Always There For Me

"The co-operative never once failed me. They allowed me to take time to repay my loans, and the agreed amount would then be deducted from my salary. I also know my money is safe with them and..."

SNCF 38th Anniversary Dinner Group Photo

SNCF 38th Anniversary Dinner

Guests were seen dressing up in outfits ranging from retro to futuristic, and immersing themselves in yesteryears of how co-operatives banded themselves to address social and economic needs.

ACCU 2018 in Manila, Philippines

Asian Credit Union Forum 2018 @ Manila

In conjunction with the 200th year anniversary of F.W. Raiffeisen, the founder of credit unions, ACCU 2018 opened their three-day forum in Manila, The Philippines.

SNCF #coopsiol pop-up art installation

Coming Together As One Through Art: NO MONEY NO TALK

“This is so cool!  And through this pop-up art installation, I get to learn and know about what credit co-operatives are.”

3 New Topics Learnt @ "Co-operatives and Fintech" Seminar

What is peer-to-peer lending? How can robotic process automation help to improve productivity? What are the advantages of...?

Asia Pacific Co-operative Youth Summit 2.0 in Cebu, Philippines

Asia Pacific Co-operative Youth Summit 2.0

International Cooperative Alliance-Asia and Pacific (ICA-AP) along with the ICA-EU Partnership and its membership in the Philippines organised the second Asia Pacific Co-operative Youth Summit, in Cebu, The Philippines...

SNCF Service Sector Night 2018 event

RSVP for Service Sector Night 2018! On 24 October 2018, Saturday

The Service Sector Night, an initiative by service sector and SNCF, seeks to keep all affiliates abreast of the latest news regarding the co-operative scene like CCF grant updates, initiatives and upcoming events. It also provides affiliates an opportunity to connect and know about new initiatives from other co-ops.

SNCF Affiliate Directory

SNCF Affiliate Directory

Do you have services that you would like to provide to other co-operatives? Or looking for services to value-add to your co-operative? Search from the list of affiliates who are offering diverse products and services from manpower to healthcare and more!

Share Your Story!

We love hearing about how co-operatives can make a difference and we couldn’t be happier to have you sharing your story with us. Your story would help strengthen the co-operative movement and we would love to feature it in our next issue. Share your story with us here.

The Singapore National Co-operative Federation (SNCF) is the apex body of Singapore's Co-operative Movement, and secretariat of the Central Co-operative Fund (CCF). Formed in 1980 with the aim of championing Singapore's co-operative movement, the apex body represents 99% of co-operative members in Singapore. Today, the Movement boasts a base of more than 1.4 million members. SNCF aims to promote and develop co-operatives as sustainable enterprises that address the social and economic needs through the co-operative principle of self and mutual help, so as to foster a more resilient society. SNCF is a member of the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) and the World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU). It enjoys co-operative relationship with the United Nations, the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and other International and regional bodies. For more information on SNCF and the Singapore Co-op movement, visit


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